Portuguese Visas

D2 Visa

The D2 visa is a residence visa for self-employed professionals or entrepreneurial immigrants. It is processed in two stages: beginning at the Portuguese Consulate in the applicant’s area of residence to apply for a residence visa valid for four months, allowing a maximum of two entries and one stay in Portugal, and concluding in Portugal at the Immigration and Borders Service with an interview to obtain a residence card.
The application’s granting or rejection will consider the relevance to the investment’s economic, social, scientific, technological, or cultural relevance.
Residence D2 must be renewed at the end of the second year and, after that, every three years.
Except in duly justified cases, for personal or professional reasons, the D2 Authorization holder must be present in Portugal for up to six consecutive months and eight interpolated months during the validity of each card.
Visto D2

The process to obtain a D2 visa is considerably quick, giving the holder the right to the main benefits of residing in Portugal, namely:

  • Security, democracy and quality of life;
  • Free entry and circulation in the

  • Schengen area;
  • Family reunification;
  • Access to the right to education, recognition of diplomas and qualifications, healthcare, social security, justice and courts;
  • Access to permanent residence or citizenship after five years, subject to proof the knowledge of the Portuguese language, level A2. D2 Visa can be obtained through three different situations:
    • Contract or written proposal for a service provision contract within the scope of liberal professions;
    • Investment operations in Portugal through the constitution or participation in a company;
  • Development of an entrepreneurial project, including creating an innovative base company integrated with a certified incubator.

There is no minimum share capital subject to the D2 Visa application. In Portugal, companies can be incorporated with a share capital of € 1. However, the share capital must be appropriate to the activity and relevant to the request analysis.

Documents for a successful D2 Visa application

The primary documents for a successful D2 Visa application are as follows:
  • Declaration with the reasons for the application;
  • Criminal background certificate;
  • Documentary proof of accommodation;
  • Proof of economic means available in Portugal for 12 months;
  • Evidence related to the enterprise option:
  • When applicable, a statement issued by the respective professional order on the verification of the registration requirements;
  • Document proving the academic qualification to practice the profession.
  • Declaration of Beginning of Activity;
  • Investment Contract;
  • Business plan;
  • Curriculum.
  • Proof of availability of financial means in Portugal, including those resulting from financing obtained from a financial institution in Portugal;
  • Business plan.