Portuguese Visas

Expression of interest

The Expression of Interest is a request that can be made to the Portuguese State by foreigners who are in an irregular situation in Portugal and wish to regularize themselves.
It is mainly used by those who arrived in the country as a tourist, without a work or study visa, for example, and want to stay in Portugal legally.
Manifestação de interesse
Requisitos para efetuar a Manifestação de Interesse
Requisitos para efetuar a Manifestação de Interesse

Requirements to make the Expression of Interest

  • Has legally entered Portugal.
  • Has an employment status (work under contract or service contract).
  • Be registered and in a regular situation at the Social Security system.
  • This application can be made online, directly in Portugal.
  • It is not necessary to return to the country of origin to apply for a visa.
  • This request can be based on subordinate or independent work.
  • Possibility of family reunification (art. 81.º/6).