Portuguese Nationality

There are several ways to obtain the Portuguese nationality. They are:

  • Being born in Portuguese territory;
  • 1st or 2nd degree descent from a Portuguese citizen;
  • Marriage or civil partnership, for more than 3 years, with a Portuguese citizen;
  • Legal residence in Portuguese territory for at least 5 years; this includes the Golden Visa Residence Permit;
  • Individuals who are not stateless but have held the Portuguese nationality in the past;
  • Members of communities of Portuguese descent;
  • Foreigners who have rendered or are called upon to render relevant services to the Portuguese State or the national community;
  • Descendants of Portuguese Sephardic Jews;
  • Nationals of former Portuguese colonies;
Nacionalidade Portuguesa

Some nationality applications require proof of ties to the Portuguese community, with the requirement being the knowledge of the Portuguese language, i.e. A2 level Portuguese. Other forms of nationality demand stronger ties than the above-mentioned, such as nationality by descent from Portuguese Sephardic Jews.

To acquire Portuguese nationality you cannot:
  • have been sentenced to 3 or more years in prison for a crime punishable under Portuguese law;
  • Hold public office, other than technical positions, in another country;
  • Have performed non-compulsory military service in another country;
  • Been involved in terrorist-related activities.
Each nationality application deserves careful consideration, so please contact us for further clarification.